Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the planning to Us.

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focus your time and efforts on running your business and leave the Planning to us

Being around in the jewellery Industry for 25 years, we take pride in our domain knowledge. Merchandising and product development is our expertise. However, last 10 years have been spent in the Digital space, setting up websites, catalogue management, online merchandising, digital marketing…We have helped 500+ jewellery retailers , manufacturers and designers to start their online journey. We like to call ourselves E-commerce Digital Solutions Consultant, in reality we are your “friend, philosopher and guide” when it comes to online / e-commerce business. 


What We do

Strategic Online Business Planning

Complete guidance

We do in depth study of your business and help you plan effective strategies to Build, Operate and Scale your Online Business. We take your vision and convert it into workable processes that you and your team can follow easily. In short, we hold your hand and ensure that you achieve your mission successfully. 

E-learning and Digital Products

“E-learning as we know it has been around for ten years or so. During that time, it has emerged from being a radical idea—the effectiveness of which was yet to be proven—to something that is widely regarded as mainstream. It’s the core to numerous business plans and a service offered by most colleges and universities. And now, e-learning is evolving with the World Wide Web as a whole and it’s changing to a degree significant enough to warrant a new name: E-learning 2.0.” — Stephen Downes


Focussed merchandising for online & offline business

Merchandising is the planning, buying and selling of merchandise • It’s integral part of retailing. • Merchandise mix is the total set of all products offered for sale by a retailer, including all product lines sold to all consumer groups. Why is merchandising so important? Merchandising is important because: a new look attracts customers; current customers buy more; and it increases impulse sales, the average dollar transaction, seasonal items, the number of products stocked, market share, and customer awareness of product lines.

Website Development & Digital Marketing Solutions

Helping throughout digital marketing Process

The modern consumer is increasingly moving toward a more digital experience when it comes to researching and making purchases. Whether consumers are at the beginning stages of the customer journey or ready to buy, they often use search engines to find the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision and research specific brands. It is vital that companies’ work is visible during these digital searches so they can engage the customer and work to influence their purchasing decisions by providing valuable information. 

Design and Product Development

Why a Good Design is Important

The fact is that jewelry has always been an important part of human cultures, serving several purposes that are deeply significant to each of us.

Accessories such as jewelry are often the “cherry on top” to an overall outfit or look. A successful outfit isn’t truly complete without the right accessories, jewelry. A “classic” or “chic” look for example absolutely requires diamonds and pearls in order to be considered whole.

Even if one isn’t attempting to convey a particular style, accessories are still a great choice for expression.

The great importance of jewelry in women’s life may be explained by the fact that women love jewelry since ages, so it’s something they have inherited…it’s like without jewelry there’s something major missing.


Complete Sourcing Solutions

Since we have a huge network of jewellers, manufacturers and retailers, we can help source any kind of jewellery. 

This is what Our clients have to Say

I had worked with Usha at HOD level in same organization for several online marketing initiatives. The first thing that strikes you about her is her confidence and you soon realize that it stems from a solid understanding of her domain, her ability to read/manage situations and sheer passion for what she does. I've always found Usha to be sharp, prompt, and full of innovative ideas and solutions, qualities that I greatly appreciate. She is not only dedicated to achieving the goals assigned to her but takes due care of the quality aspect as well. She possesses the required skills and knowledge which she implements well with ease while at job. As a person, nice nature, good heart and cheerful person, positive attitude. I wish all the best for her future endeavour
Digital Marketing Evangelist & Strategist

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